BlogNewsSpring 2019 Newsletter - A Long Time Ago in Russia - Enjoy the Heritage

Spring 2019 Newsletter - A Long Time Ago in Russia - Enjoy the Heritage

Spring 2019 Newsletter - A Long Time Ago in Russia - Enjoy the Heritage

Spring is looking sunny and beautiful as I write this latest newsletter and what better time to launch some new products in the form of Wallets and Belts in Bakers of Colyton Oak Bark Tanned Leathers to celebrate the warmer seasons promised.

A long time ago in Russia, Reindeer hides were tanned using Birch bark to provide the necessary ‘Tannin’ to turn the hides into leather. December 1786 saw a ship laden with such hides sink off Plymouth with its precious cargo, only to lie undiscovered for 200 years. When raised to the surface the leather had been preserved by the seawater and so was distributed to various esteemed makers until supplies ran out and the remaining cargo became too dangerous to salvage. Inspired by this distinctive looking leather, the chaps at Bakers have tanned this calf hide with their Oak Bark process (very similar to Birch Bark tanning) and recreated it and the surface texture using a special print technique to give us ‘Russia Calf’. Superb to look at and a joy to the nose, (it has a distinctive aroma), I have had some made up into Trouser Wallets, Billfold Wallets and Credit Card Cases by our long established Walsall light leather goods makers, the results of which are a beautiful, unique and luxurious collection. Years of stalwart service await and I hope you find them appealing to your inner luxury craving.

The Oak Bark Leather Trouser Wallet  will fit neatly and unobtrusively in front or hip pockets with lots of capacity to hold all English bank notes and credit cards...... read more

The Oak Bark Leather Billfold Wallet provides a smaller alternative to the trouser wallet and is so called because of its size comparison to the dollar bill.…read more

The Oak Bark Leather Credit Card Case fulfils the role where the need for less real money and the convenience of card transactions for pretty much everything we buy has seen the demand for just a credit card case increase steadily.……read more

New Oak Bark Belts

The traditional theme of this now very successful range continues with two new designs of Oak Bark Bridle leather belts added to the collection, all of which are inspired by trades of yesteryear, many of which continue today.

'The Thatcher' and 'The Farrier' are two familiar names and these two belts will reflect the skills and endurance of those practitioners as they toil in often difficult conditions, something the belts do favourably and which they will still be doing for many years to come.

Thatcher – 1 ½” (38mm) wide belt with Swelled Front West End roller buckle, with handstitched leather roller and two leather keepers and arrow head tip. The Thatcher practises a trade little changed for centuries using …… read more

Farrier – 1 1/4" (31mm) wide belt with Stirrup leather buckle, two leather keepers and Church Window tip. The Farrier is the Chiropodist of the equine world and prior to the Vet taking the lead role in horse health … read more

Thank you to everyone for subscribing, your support and custom and may I wish you a happy, warm and healthy Spring full of colour and birdsong.

Thank you for subscribing,
With kind regards,
Tim Hardy


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