Welcome to Tim Hardy, my collection of hand sewn English Bridle leather belts handmade exclusively for you, by me, using the same traditional hand skills practiced by the finest craftsmen and saddlers for centuries.

Your order begins with my careful selection of only the best grade English bridle leather from J. & E. Sedgwick, (world renowned for being the best in saddlery leather production) prior to starting the first of twelve or more separate hand processes needed to make these bespoke hand stitched belts.

Available in a choice of ten colours they are furnished with a choice of solid brass or nickel plated solid brass buckles made in one of the last buckle foundries in Walsall, West Midlands, with each order being individually made to my customerís specifications and as such is both bespoke and unique.

Please enjoy your visit and I look forward to making you a belt that if looked after will still be serving you well in twenty or more years to come.

Kind regards, Tim