BlogNewsRecycle your Favourite Old Buckle – How to get Up-cycling to a New Belt

Recycle your Favourite Old Buckle – How to get Up-cycling to a New Belt

Recycle your Favourite Old Buckle – How to get Up-cycling to a New Belt

Recycling, upcycling and repurposing are now everyday words but I have been doing this with leather belts for years when people have asked me to reuse a buckle and make a new leather for their favourite old belt, or to give an antique buckle found in a flea market or house clearance a new lease of life. Some of us become very attached to personal items such as belts and they often hold fond memories or have been handed down from previous generations. The added fact that one of my belts should last 20 years or longer with care speaks volumes about the life of the product in a still 'throw away' society.

With the climate of our planet becoming of increasing concern, this service has new added value and especially as I am always trying to minimise the already low environmental impact of my business. My small workshop uses minimal energy; very little in fact as machinery is only used occasionally because everything is handmade; a raw material which is a bi-product and components and sundries from British suppliers which all help to keep my carbon footprint very small.

Although this bespoke service is not featured on the website e-commerce area, I am very happy to re-cycle customers buckles by making a new bespoke bridle leather belt to go with them. The buckle and or accompanying loops need to be solid cast ones, preferably brass, and in good order. No need to worry if they are tarnished and battle scarred, I can polish a lot of the marks out and the rest add character and a heritage patina to the finished product. Simply email or send pictures to me for assessment and we can take it from there. The pictures shown are a recently made trio of belts for Welsh customer who sent these various fittings to have new belt leathers handmade and hand stitched to them.

Why not have a look through the draws and cupboards and see if you can salvage a good quality buckle for reconditioning into something that will last for many years to come?

I look forward to seeing what history is hiding away waiting to be brought back to life.

With kind regards to all in this difficult time,

Tim Hardy

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