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Press success can make or break a business and in this technological internet age, the Blogger is King and the bigger the blog the more impact on a small, medium or large business it can make.

The bloggers we follow mostly are usually writing on Men’s Style Forums such as Putthison, Permanent Style, Ask Andy About Clothes,‘Die, Workwear’, The Trad – the list is considerable and the influence these guys have on the buyer reading their work is considerable and can seriously increase sales for given brands.

Amongst the notables mentioned above are three considerable ‘force majeure’ who have taken interest in us and written about the products with a generosity of spirit which would be welcomed in the hard faced world of Fleet Street!

American based blogs have probably led the way from the ‘internet off’ but the Brits can hold their own admirably but let’s start with one of the early ones being Mister Crew whose small piece about us led to many sales of the Quick Release belt -

English Gentlemen of more mature years are often poorly catered for these days and I’ve heard some say they feel invisible when out looking for a ‘style pick me up’ in the great fashion marketplace – not anymore thanks to Grey Fox and the wonderfully written blogs and articles on leading brands and good ‘Britishness’ -

Dappered is one of the more serious players in the Style blogging lead and huge amounts of cool hungry blokes have found many answers here and not least in looking for a good classic English Bridle leather belt from us-

The minefield that presents itself to the unwary or less than savvy male shopper can be truly overwhelming for many but thanks to these seriously switched on pundits, life for the man with low confidence or simply a lack of time is made incredibly better.

I would like to take this opportunity to both thank and salute you all for making this part of the ‘web’ so rewarding and helpful to all concerned.

Take a few minutes to dip into their offerings if you haven’t already done so, you may well enjoy the numerous topics and guides.

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