Bridle Leather Belts


The finest quality English Bridle Leather Belts are handmade and hand stitched, to the highest possible standard, by the craftsmen of The Worcestershire Leather Company. From extra small to extra large, our robust, reliable Leather Belts are produced to the exact size you order, with a variety of options suitable for men and women.

Our complete range of English Bridle Leather Belts are hand crafted using British leather, sourced from J & E Sedgwick; world renowned for being the best in saddlery leather production. With a choice of solid brass, pewter, nickel or nickel plate buckles and fittings, each piece is a work of art, produced in the foundries of the Midlands.

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How our English Bridle Leather Belts are skillfully created

We aim to produce a unique, pioneering leather belt that exudes quality, class and exclusivity for every customer.

Twelve separate hand processes, as practiced by skilled saddlers for centuries, go into the making of each individual product. The thorough process begins; cutting with a hand plough gauge, shaping with the round knife, rounding the edges with an edge shave, creasing with a hot iron to compress the edge and give decorative line, edge staining with specialist dyes, polishing to a slick shine, sealing the edge with a secret formula clear seal for protection, hole punching to give traditional oval holes for the buckle pin, stitch marking with a pricking iron to give the unique and distinctive look only found in hand stitching, double hand stitching with two needles to give the strongest form of sewing, blocking out of the keepers (loops) for the best look and function, with the final finishing polish to buff up to the luster bridle leather demands.

Our traditional Bridle Leather Belts maintain the durability only found when made with time-honoured, traditional English craftsmanship. Available for men and women, in all waist sizes and an array of stylish colours, our belts provide many years of lasting wear – while retaining quality, look and purpose.

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