The Strand collection is the English Leather Belt range, with each individual piece exclusively named after some of England's most famous streets and roads. A stunning combination of superb aesthetics and quality materials, these Bridle Leather Belts have been designed due to the demand for a look that great denims and high quality casual wear deserve.

Unusual and innovative designs are the essence of the Strand English Leather Belt collection, offering the perfect smart/casual belt for the fashion conscious. Additional detail and metalwork are incorporated within these exclusive quality leather belts, including twin prongs, roller buckles, leather loops, brass loops and leather rollers; the perfect finish for any expensive denim or apparel style statement.

Our exclusive range of Strand Belts for Jeans and quality casual wear is being continually expanded and will soon include a range of special patterns of buckles, with some made in precious metals. If you have a yearning for them now, several solid silver buckle and loop patterns are available by special request.


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