Quick Release Leather Belts


The Quick Release Leather Belt range owes its’ origins to the firemen of yesteryear. Originally designed as a quick release buckle for fire fighters to free fire hoses with speed, this unique range of handmade leather belts offers a practical opening facility with numerous advantages for a quality trouser belt.

The unique Quick Release Belt is handmade to measure; using quality British bridle leather and best quality metalwork and fittings. The iconic collection features a rather quirky release mechanism, which can be easily and swiftly opened single-handed. Unique, efficient and stylish, the Quick Release Belt range displays our usual high standards, with quality hand stitching and finishing. Available in all waist sizes, with a choice of Brass or Pewter belt buckles, the innovative design is perfect for gadget lovers, 21st century trend-setters and those looking for something different to add to their stylish wardrobe.

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The Quick Release Belt, the first one if it’s kind made by Tim Hardy in the mid-nineties, quickly evolved after he discovered an old 1” buckle pattern in a market in Ludlow, England. Snapping it up for pennies, he remembered it owed its’ origins to the firemen of yesteryear, during the ‘Great Fire of London’, he believes. Early fire tenders were equipped with this type of buckle, which retained the coiled leather hoses and utilised the quick release system to free the hoses with speed.

Having taken the early pattern to his buckle makers in Walsall, Tim Hardy asked them initially to recreate them in solid brass 1 ¼” and 1 ½” versions, with keepers to match. Later, as demand grew from stores including Denime, Nepenthes and many others globally, solid Pewter versions were soon introduced. Now reaching almost iconic status, the exclusive Quick Release Belt range is still available from its’ originator, handmade especially to measure for you.

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